Our Projects

The town Council has constructed a technical business centre that is currently accommodating Small & Medium Enterprises that are involved in the technical Industry. Businesses that do welding , carpentry ,auto mechanics and other are currently operating from the centre.

Okahao Town Council is busy with the construction of Technical Business Centre which almost complete. Phase two of the centre will consist of kiosk/closed stall and will accommodate Small and medium enterprises.

· Construction of Bitumen roads (753m) & Gravel roads (350m) at Portion A, B and Ext 1
· Construction of sewer reticulation at subdivided erf 856, erf 22- 27, Street lights in Ext.3 and Storm water infrastructures in Ext 3 & 4
· Planning of New Townships to be known as Extensions 7, 8 & 9
· Construction of the fencing for the new sewer ponds
· Construction of Technical Business Centre Phase 2
· Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Plans for the Sewer ponds & Dumping site
· Construction of social house/maternity shelter for the expected women

• Cadastral Surveying of New Townships to be known as Extensions 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
• Construction of service infrastructure i.e. provision of sewer and water at Erf 1209-1211 and Erf 04 -08 Okahao Proper